Monday, June 18, 2012

Panda Sewing Pattern

It's finished! My panda sewing pattern is complete! 
I took pictures as I went along, and sometimes I forgot a few pictures. Oops! 
I did take pictures when I remembered, so there are a few. (The pictures are below that step of the instructions)

Panda Pattern Instructions
- Black fabric
- White fabric
- Black and white acrylic craft paint
- Black and white thread
- Scissors 
- Needle 
- Sewing Machine (If you don't want to hand-sew) 
- Polyester Fiberfill ("Stuffing")

Step 1: Cut out your pattern pieces following the color instructions on the pattern

Step 2: Sew the tail to the body  
The tail should be in the middle towards the bottom

Step 3: Sew the fur behind the eyes to the face

Step 4: Paint the eyes onto the black fur with acrylic craft paint. (Acrylic stays longer) You can customize your eyes, they don't have to be exactly like mine
Also paint any shaped nose below the eyes

Step 5: While the paint dries, (This might take a while depending on how thick the paint is) sew all the way around all four of the limbs, leaving an opening at the top (Sew the ears too!)

Step 6: Turn the limbs inside-out and stuff them 

Step 7: Sew the limbs to the body
I attached each limb one at a time, because it's really tricky

Step 8: Turn the body inside out and stuff it 

Step 9: Sew the ears between the two heads
(This step should be done after the paint dries)

Step 10: Turn the head inside-out and stuff it

Step 11: Attach the head to the body

(Optional) Step 12: Cut out a thin piece of fleece that's a foot long
This is going to make a scarf 

You're finished! 

Here's the pattern: Panda Pattern

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