Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tri-Fold Mini Wallet

I have designed and made a few wallets. I would like to now share them and might post a tutorial soon. I would really like to know what you think of them, so please post comments! 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Mini Christmas Stockings

Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas to everyone! Here's a simple pattern and tutorial for a Christmas stocking! Both the tutorial and the pattern are located at the link below! 


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Check it Out!

New blog!! 
Make sure to take the poll! 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Top Hat

My first attempt at the surprise pattern didn't work very well. It was supposed to be a penguin with a top hat, but the penguin ended up all squashed and mangled. I'll try again, but not until I finish the many other projects that I have on my to-do list. 

However, I will post the pattern and tutorial for the top hat, which did turn out nicely. 

Top Hat 

A cute accessory for any of you home-made or store-bought softies and stuffed animals! 

Step 1: Cut out your pattern pieces. There should be three pieces
(The three pattern pieces are located on page two of the Penguin & Top Hat pattern) 
*Piece 3 of the hat pattern is too long, cut a half inch off before starting* 

 Step 2: Pin the two ling ends of piece three together and stitch them together

Step 3: Stitch the smaller circle to one of the ends of the cylinder

Step 4: Stitch the bigger circle to the opposite side of the cylinder

Step 5: Out of the bigger circle, cut a hole where the cylinder is attached. This is going to make it easier to "wear". Be careful not to hut over the stitches though! 

You're finished! 

No More Monkey

I have decided that I don't like my monkey pattern and that if I do get around to fixing it, then maybe I'll post the pattern and tutorial. But until I feel like doing that, there will be no more monkey. :( 

New Pattern: Coming Soon

I was wandering around my bedroom and found some perfect inspiration for a new softie. It's going to be a surprise, so you'll have to wait until tonight or tomorrow to find out what it is! Just get prepared for something cute! 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I've Been a Bit Busy...

I apologize for not keeping my blog updated. I was away, and had no time to keep the blog updated. I've also decided to take a little break from making new patterns for a few weeks because of hectic summer plans. 

I haven't stopped sewing, though. I have made quite a lot from a pattern book I received for Christmas. Here is the link to the book's page on Amazon. So far this summer, I have made ten penguins. 

If you do get a chance to try the patterns in this book, please let me know! Thanks and enjoy your summer!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Awesome Idea!

I am really close to finishing my monkey (Changes and all!) and was thinking about what I should make next. I know I should wait until the poll is finished, but a great idea for a mouse came to my mind! What if the mouse's arms stick out of the front of its body instead of the sides, like the monkey and panda? And then, (Since the arms are sticking out to the front,) the mouse could be holding a piece of cheese! It's such a good idea! (In my opinion!) I drew the face out on paper, and I'm going to try to make the mouse's face exactly like the picture! I'm SO excited! (I don't know why I'm this excited, but I am!!!) 

Monkey Softie: Delayed

I'm disappointed to say that my monkey softie didn't turn out as planned. His head is WAY too small for his body. It's an easy fix, I just have to re-do the head, but it won't be finished until tomorrow at the earliest. (I'm busy.) Below is a picture of the monkey now, before I add any changes. If you don't want any changes, just say so! Thanks! 

Actually, in the picture, his head looks fine. Hmm. I'll still think about it. 

That's really weird...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Please Vote!

I have just created a poll, one where you can vote for the next animal that you would like a pattern for. Please vote, and please only once. Thank you! 
Have you voted yet?

Like My New Hat?

Yesterday I found another blog with a pattern to make a winter hat. (Even though it's summer here, I still made it) It's really cute, so I thought I'd share a picture of it and the link to the blog with the pattern and tutorial. I hope you like it just as much as I do!

Go to this link for the pattern and tutorial. 

In case you were wondering, I used a white sweater for the outside and a thin striped brown shirt for the lining. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Panda Pattern

I just scanned in the pattern for the panda, which I said I would do yesterday. (Sorry!) If you haven't seen it on the Free Patterns page or on the Panda tutorial post, here's the link: Panda Pattern

Monday, June 18, 2012

Come Get Your Shoes!

Hey bloggers! I was just fooling around with some fleece, when I thought about making a pair of shoes. I cut out a quick pattern and stitched them up! They're really simple, plus I used the panda's leg pattern. (Well, foot pattern, I used the bottom of the leg pattern) I'll give a tutorial anyway! (I also suggest to hand sew these shoes, they're really tiny!) 

Simple Shoes: Pattern & Instructions
- Scraps of fleece, two colors
- Needle 

Step 1: Cut out the pattern and pieces of fleece

Step 2: Sew the smaller piece to the larger piece, like this: 

Step 3: Sew one half to the other half like this: 

Step 4: Do the same for the other shoe

You're finished! 

Easy, huh? 

If you think I need to include a pattern, just ask. I think it's easy enough that you don't need a pattern. Just trace the bottom of the panda's leg pattern and then cut it out. To add the color, trace the bottom of the leg pattern again, but make it smaller. 

I'll also be adding another pattern later, one for an article of clothing! 
Keep commenting and reading!

New Blog

I've created a second blog: Jr. Writer's Blog. 
On that blog, I'm going to post some of my written work. (Stories) 
Here's a link to my other blog: Jr. Writer's Blog

Panda Sewing Pattern

It's finished! My panda sewing pattern is complete! 
I took pictures as I went along, and sometimes I forgot a few pictures. Oops! 
I did take pictures when I remembered, so there are a few. (The pictures are below that step of the instructions)

Panda Pattern Instructions
- Black fabric
- White fabric
- Black and white acrylic craft paint
- Black and white thread
- Scissors 
- Needle 
- Sewing Machine (If you don't want to hand-sew) 
- Polyester Fiberfill ("Stuffing")

Step 1: Cut out your pattern pieces following the color instructions on the pattern

Step 2: Sew the tail to the body  
The tail should be in the middle towards the bottom

Step 3: Sew the fur behind the eyes to the face

Step 4: Paint the eyes onto the black fur with acrylic craft paint. (Acrylic stays longer) You can customize your eyes, they don't have to be exactly like mine
Also paint any shaped nose below the eyes

Step 5: While the paint dries, (This might take a while depending on how thick the paint is) sew all the way around all four of the limbs, leaving an opening at the top (Sew the ears too!)

Step 6: Turn the limbs inside-out and stuff them 

Step 7: Sew the limbs to the body
I attached each limb one at a time, because it's really tricky

Step 8: Turn the body inside out and stuff it 

Step 9: Sew the ears between the two heads
(This step should be done after the paint dries)

Step 10: Turn the head inside-out and stuff it

Step 11: Attach the head to the body

(Optional) Step 12: Cut out a thin piece of fleece that's a foot long
This is going to make a scarf 

You're finished! 

Here's the pattern: Panda Pattern

Please post comments!